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Ten Things You Must Have for Your Vehicle Emergency Kit.

It’s a fact. Break-downs happen. AAA reports 30 million calls every year from motorists stranded on the side of a road somewhere in the US. Are you prepared to navigate a vehicle breakdown of your own? This must have list is a great place to start building a emergency vehicle kit or inspecting one you may already have!   Cell phone & car charger. In an emergency, these can be the most critical components of your kit.  Although a cell phone will probably be on your

Nine Ways to Stop Your Car When the Brakes Fail.

You've experienced it, heard about it, or had nightmares... You're on your morning commute and as you approach your exit, you turn on the right blinker, check your mirrors (hopefully), and press the brake pedal to slow down in preparation for the turn, goes all the way to the floor with little resistance as if you just stepped on a marshmallow! Then comes the adrenaline. Your heart rate shoots to 180 bpm. Pupils dilate. You check the mirrors, a semi is coming on fast. This is

Buy Online Or At Any Of Our Seventeen Locations