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B & R's Engine Inspection Process

We inspect all the engines we ship out. Watch this video to find out how detailed and careful our inspections are.

B & R Featured on PowerBlock TV, 2011

In 2011, the crew at Powerblock needed a Buick 350 Engine. We have thousands of engines and more importantly, had the engine they needed. Our team in Corvallis pulled and processed the engine and then shipped it from Oregon to Tennessee. Mike and Joe did some amazing things with it--see for yourself what they thought about our product and service!

B & R Featured on HorsePower TV, 2010

Our 2007 Dodge Hemi Engine was installed by the crew at PowerBlock TV in 2010. It was pulled and processed by our Eugene location, and then shipped from Oregon to Tennessee. Since it was a conversion, it had all the components; including wiring, module and air box. See for yourself and hear the great things Mike and Joe say about B&R!