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2013 LEAF

Miles: 10k
Price: $8,000
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Miles: NA
Price: $9,999
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Miles: NA
Price: $5,999
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The Recycled Part

Recycled Green Auto Parts

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Did you know the automobile is the most recycled consumer product on earth? About 95% of all automobiles around the world are reclaimed and recycled when they reach the end of their usable lives. Auto recycling is an often overlooked but integral part of modern recycling and green industries, pro

B&R Auto Wrecking Acquires German Auto Salvage in Boring, Oregon

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B&R Auto Wrecking has acquired the assets of German Auto Salvage, an Oregon based auto recycler. This facility neighbors B&R’s existing Boring, Oregon location, just outside Portland. German Auto Salvage was known for being the largest German auto salvage yard in Oregon, special

More than Used Auto Parts, Relationships with Customers

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 "More than Used Auto Parts, Relationships with Customers," means we view our clients as partners working toward a common goal. We place an emphasis on relationships at every point of the purchase process. A good story that illustrates this is the relationship between customer C

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