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— Used auto parts done right. Car and truck care, DIY tips, humor, and advice from auto recyclers who know.

See Why B&R Acquired Pic-N-Save Auto Recyclers of Carson City, NV

  Great news for used auto parts in the Nevada area! With the acquisition of Pic-N-Save Auto Recyclers in Carson City, B&R Auto Wrecking now has three locations to offer in the state of Nevada. B&R also has three locations in Washington and nine in Oregon. The family owned and operated company started in 1980 in Corvallis, OR. Pic-N-Save becomes B&R's 15th facility. B&R will honor the wonderful legacy Pic-N-Save created in the local communit

Stop Wasting Money on Used Engines. See Why Edy Got His From B&R.

Have you ever bought a used engine from a "Junk Yard?" It can be pretty overwhelming and feel like a gamble. At B&R Auto Wrecking, one of our core values is to view our customers as partners working toward a common goal; when you succeed, we succeed. That's why every used engines we sell gets a... run test compression test fluid test  If the engines don't meet our standards for quality, we don't inventory them. Our goal is for you to feel conf

How to Upgrade Your Car's Interior for Less.

Recently, we had the privilege of helping our friend Tuan Huynh upgrade the seats in his 2014 Mazda 5. We asked him to share his experience working with B&R on this project as well as some pictures with us. If you need help finding reliable used auto parts, visit our website today! We offer a six-month, hassle-free money-back guarantee. B&R: "Tuan, what inspired this project in the first place?" Tuan Huynh (TH): "Manufacturers typically install the cheapest seats

B&R Auto Wrecking Says "Thank You" to Henderson, Nevada.

Some of the B&R leadership team posed for a group photo at the Henderson, NV store on the grand opening. People and companies can say, “Thank you” to customers in many ways. Some ways can be effective, i.e., giveaways. But saying “thank you” with a genuine, loving spirit toward others can put a “thank you” over-the-top. I’ve witnessed it recently by watching B&R Auto Wrecking do what comes natural to them. 

See How Cummins Diesel Engines Have a Diverse History.

Which of these vehicles says "Cummins Diesel Engine" to you? For most of us who were born in the late 20st century and aren't in the heavy-trucking industry, the answer is probably the beast-mode Ram 3500 below. But Cummins has a rich legacy of technical innovations, and, not only that, the company namesake (Clessie Cummins) was a significant force behind the adoption of the diesel engine as a legitimate power source for American automobiles. Clessie went tho significant length

Eight Reasons You Should Buy Recycled Green Auto Parts.

Visit our online store today to find the low-cost, used auto parts you need. We work hard to get you the right part at the best price as fast as possible. Our six-month, hassle free warranty takes the worry out of the process for you! See how used auto parts are good for you and the environment below! Did you know the automobile is the most recycled consumer product on earth? About 95% of all automobiles around the world are reclaimed and recycled when they reach the end of their usable live

B&R Auto Wrecking Has More German Auto Parts for You!

B&R Auto Wrecking has acquired the assets of German Auto Salvage, an Oregon based auto recycler. This facility neighbors B&R’s existing Boring, Oregon location, just outside Portland. German Auto Salvage was known for being the largest German auto salvage yard in Oregon, specializing in used auto parts, engines, and transmissions for BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, and more. A few of the vehicles available to pull used parts off of are featured above. From bei

It's More than Used Auto Parts; It's About Relationships with Customers.

 "More than Used Auto Parts, Relationships with Customers," means we view our clients as partners working toward a common goal. We place an emphasis on relationships at every point of the purchase process. A good story that illustrates this is the relationship between customer Cory Glenn and B&R Auto Wrecking wholesale account rep, Justin Hopkins. Cory shared some of his story with us below. "My truck started life as a 1995 Tacoma extra cab 2-wheel-drive. I had alw

Fourth of July Driving - Seven Tips to Stay Safe!

We all love celebrating the Fourth of July with family, friends, food, and fireworks. Unfortunately, the Fourth is also the second deadliest holiday of the year due to traffic accidents. New Years takes first place. Here are seven points that will help you drive safe. Drive sober. Seems obvious, but at least 43% of traffic accidents that happen on the Fourth involve drivers with a blood alcohol level above the legal limit. Remember, buzzed driving is impaired driving. Don’t drive if y

Get Low Shipping Rates on Used Auto Parts - The B&R Way!

B&R takes pride in being an inventoried and organized automotive recycler. With over 21,000 cars and trucks in inventory across 17 locations, B&R Auto Wrecking has one of the highest in-stock ratios in the nation. We understand the value of our customer’s time.  So we take extra care to ensure auto parts are transferred safely between our locations during non-business hours. This allows B&R the ability to provide our customers with world-class service and deliver aut

B&R Auto Wrecking Expands with Acquisition of Glenwood Foreign Auto Parts.

B&R Auto Wrecking proudly announces the acquisition of Glenwood Foreign Auto Parts. The well respected and successful facility operates on nearly eight acres near Eugene, Oregon. Glenwood officially became part of the B&R family on November 17, 2014. Most of the current employees will be retained and we anticipate around 20 employees on staff once the facility is at capacity. We are very humbled and honored to take over such a well-liked and respected operation. Th

Learn How to be a VIP, "Self-Serve" Customer at B&R.

Do you work on cars and wish to pull your own auto parts? Here are some guidelines to ensure you always have a positive experience in the self-serve yards. Talk to your sales professional and find out if they have the parts listed in inventory or at least the correct vehicles you are after. There are quite a few small parts that are not inventoried. If it seems like they ask lots of questions, don’t get frustrated. They are trying to make sure you get

Ten Things You Must Have for Your Vehicle Emergency Kit.

It’s a fact. Break-downs happen. AAA reports 30 million calls every year from motorists stranded on the side of a road somewhere in the US. Are you prepared to navigate a vehicle breakdown of your own? This must have list is a great place to start building a emergency vehicle kit or inspecting one you may already have!   Cell phone & car charger. In an emergency, these can be the most critical components of your kit.  Although a cell phone will probably be on your

Nine Ways to Stop Your Car When the Brakes Fail.

You've experienced it, heard about it, or had nightmares... You're on your morning commute and as you approach your exit, you turn on the right blinker, check your mirrors (hopefully), and press the brake pedal to slow down in preparation for the turn, goes all the way to the floor with little resistance as if you just stepped on a marshmallow! Then comes the adrenaline. Your heart rate shoots to 180 bpm. Pupils dilate. You check the mirrors, a semi is coming on fast. This is

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