offers the largest supply of quality Used Transmission in the United States. All of our transmissions are tested and inspected by our professional technicians and packaged to be ready to ship nationwide.

Our Inspection Process

We take pride in conducting a thorough inspection process to ensure that every engine and motor B&R delivers is up to quality standards. Our professional technicians conduct a compression test of each cylinder, as well as a visual test to ensure the engine or motor you receive is worthy of shipping out. The inventory specialist then records the compression, as well as any other note in our state-of-the-art computer system, so that our customers can review the notes before buying.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to call us at 1-855-339-1932 and talk with one of our experts.

Watch our inspection process video:

Our Transmission Warranty

We take pride in conducting a thorough inspection process to ensure that every transmission delivers is up to quality standards. Our professional technicians remove the pan and filters to each transmission, and conduct a visual inspection to ensure the transmission you receive is worthy of shipping out. Please note we can't not guarantee miles on an actual transmission.

Other Warranty Options Available:

Transmission Core Return


  • NOTE: The "transmission core" refers to your old transmission; the one you are replacing with a transmission from B&R.
  • Do not return your core transmission before installation is complete (this may result in missing parts that are needed to complete installation).
  • Completely drain all fluids from core transmission.
  • Mark core as “CORE” and contact sales representative for a pick-up.
  • Core transmission must be completely assembled and returned on pallet or container as delivered.

Transmission Installation Procedure

  • Make sure transmission is the same application as the one being replaced.
  • Remove torque converter strap.
  • Install the torque converter completely into the front pump.
  • Replace transmission filter.
  • Replace front & rear seals and change sensors as needed.
  • Flush radiator and transmission cooler lines. Flush or replace the transmission cooler to ensure debris from the bad transmission is out of the system.
  • Fill transmission with recommended fluids.
  • Clear all transmission computer codes prior to operating.
  • Several transmissions must re-learn the shift logic to the transmission prior to operating.
  • Remove all plugs/tape from the transmission before installing.

Common failures:

  • Failure to change transmission filter.
  • Failure to add recommended fluids.
  • Failure to replace seals and change sensors.
  • Failure to flush lines. This is a huge cause of failure. Flush debris from the old transmission.
  • Failure to clear transmission codes.
  • Failure to seat converter into front pump correct.
  • Adjustments to the transmission linkage.

Shipping Information

We pull the pan and the filter, and inspect and drain the fluid. We then clean them and securely strap them to a pallet. We take pictures and attach them to a letter with a description of the transmission and email it to our customer so that they can see and approve that the transmission is correct and that they agree that the product we are sending meets their expectations. This also gives us the opportunity to confirm the shipping address and whether a lift gate is needed when the engine arrives at its destination, to ensure the best delivery experience.


Thanks guys. Jeremy and Brian. This is Pedro from Puerto Rico. I just bought a transmission for my Ford Freestyle 2005...It was an incredible experience to deal with people so far away and get a wonderful deal and confiability. I'm very please with the response time, sound decision to get the transmission to Jacksonville to be transported to Puerto Rico via Crowley. The whole transportation from Portland, OR to Puerto Rico for less than $200 bucks. That's something.

Pedro Pineiro
Arecibo, Puerto Rico

I use B&R for all my pickup truck parts needs! There are clean and rust-free parts and they ship them wrapped up, ship on a pallet depending on the size of that part. Give them a call next time you need something for any year, make & model! You'll be glad you did.

David Engler
Elkhorn, WI

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