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How We Say 'Thank You' to Veterans!

Today we salute our veterans!

This Veterans Day, team members from B&R Auto Wrecking had the privilege of contributing to a refurbished vehicle, donated to Robert Alegrete, a veteran-in-need who served in the Marines in the Vietnam War. It's a small token of our appreciation for his service to our country. B&R donated high quality, used auto parts to refurbish the vehicle in conjunction with Tran's Auto Body at the Progressive Insurance Service Center in Portland, Oregon.


The group gathered at Tran's Auto Body for the unveiling of Robert's new car!


Robert was accompanied by his wife and two veteran friends. The three stood in the midst of a small group who had gathered for the unveiling and presentation of his new(er) car; concealed beneath a blue cover with stars-and-stripes themed bow. When the moment for the unveiling came, members of the Tran's Auto Body and Progressive staff each lifted a corner and gently slid the cover back to reveal Robert's new 2013 Kia Optima! It was truly a moving and exciting moment. We add value to others by serving them. We're thankful for the value Robert has added to our country through his service in the Marines. This day was a great opportunity for us to serve him in a practical and automotive way!


Robert's 2013 Kia Optima before and after the unveiling.


B&R Auto Wrecking was privileged to partner with the National Auto Body Council and Progressive Insurance in their 4th annual, "Keys to Progress" event, which selects several veterans-in-need around the country to receive freshly refurbished vehicles as an expression of gratitude, appreciation, and giving back to those who have already given so much on our behalf. On November 10th, the Keys to progress event was able to give away more than 100 vehicles to veterans-in-need at Progressive service centers and network auto body shops around the country. 

As a company, B&R Auto Wrecking champions Progressive's vision for local communities to provide support for veterans experiencing hardship in life. Whatever the difficulty-unemployment, health problems, trouble finding adequate housing-we want veterans to know we see them and they matter. Mary Mahoney, VP Insurance Replacement Division, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, was right when she said, 

“Sometimes the simple thing that gets in front of a Vet in getting on with their life is just simple, reliable transportation.”

To learn more, watch this short YouTube video Progressive made to highlight the first Keys to Progress event in 2013. 


Members of Tran's Auto Body staff with representatives from B&R. L to R:
Kim (B&R commercial accounts), Lien & Quy (owners Tran's Auto Body),
Zach (a Tran's estimator), Andy (Tran's general manager), and
Nathan (B&R parts sales professional).


We don't want to be a company that just talks about giving back to the community. We want to be a company that actually does! There's really nothing more rewarding than hearing positive feedback from vehicle recipients like veteran Derek Reid,

“A few people coming together to say we’re going to do a few things together that can make a difference; those things add up to big things.”

To put an extra, final touch on the gift for Robert, we put together a car care package, with car wash, wax, tire shine, and all the necessities to keep his new(er) Optima in immaculate condition. Robert, we hope you enjoy your new car for many years to come!


Nathan and Kim with the car care package gifted to Robert.


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