The Recycled Part

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

It's More than Used Auto Parts; It's About Relationships with Customers.


"More than Used Auto Parts, Relationships with Customers," means we view our clients as partners working toward a common goal.

We place an emphasis on relationships at every point of the purchase process. A good story that illustrates this is the relationship between customer Cory Glenn and B&R Auto Wrecking wholesale account rep, Justin Hopkins. Cory shared some of his story with us below.

"My truck started life as a 1995 Tacoma extra cab 2-wheel-drive. I had always dreamed of building a 2wd, double-cab Tacoma. As they were never offered from Toyota as a 2wd, 4-cylinder with a manual transmission, I knew I'd have to source a cab, rear doors, almost every interior piece, and a lot of small odds and ends." The 2wd, 4-door models weren't offered until 2000. Even then, they were only offered as a prerunner model. That means they were built on a 4wd chassis. In order to achieve Cory's desired effect, he would have had to completely rework the suspension if he went with the prerunner chassis.

Cory went on to say, "when I bought my truck the front end was wrecked, so I got ahold of Justin Hopkins [at B&R]. He was able to order all of the necessary used parts to upgrade my whole front end to a 2001-2004 front end. After that he undertook the task of finding me a good double cab from a Toyota Tacoma. It took some time but he was able to find the perfect cab for what I was doing and had it shipped from the Nevada store. He was also able to get me the doors and all interior pieces to complete the cab swap. I've got too many used parts to count on my truck that I've ordered from Justin. Without his help, I never would've been able to begin to build my dream. I've still got a lot of parts to order to complete this project and Justin will be my first call." This is a beautiful story-in-the-works and we look forward to seeing the finished product when the time comes!

Maybe a B&R parts specialist can help you, "begin to build your dream." We have more than one million used parts currently inventoried with more being added daily! Check out or call 1-855-339-1932 to find your auto parts and your auto parts specialist!